Nestled in the hills of north central Tennessee, our rural county is home to some eight thousand residents scattered over its green hills and spring filled valleys. The winding Cumberland River cuts through the tranquil terrain creating some of the most scenic views in Middle Tennessee. While agriculture has been at the heart of its economy historically, new industries and opportunities have been coming our way as well. We will soon welcome an automotive air bag plant and a correctional facility to our county, thus forging the way for more industry.

A distinctly relational quality of life characterizes the quaint town of Hartsville, our county seat, where virtually everybody knows-and cares about-everybody else. At a time when life all around us is becoming increasingly impersonal, a culture where people matter more than things is a rare find. In this rural setting, at a time of need, a person can knock at the door of any house in Trousdale County and find a helping hand. Those with an occasional taste for city life will find America’s “Music City,” Nashville, only an hour’s drive away, offering world class entertainment, dining, and cultural events to suit any palate.

Drive through the countryside and soak in the feel of a land where time seems to stand serenely still, or shop in town where you can’t help but run into cheerful, familiar faces and you’ll understand why native residents don’t budge and new-comers decide to settle down and stay permanently in Trousdale County.