Ordinances & Resolutions


Ordinances shall have the force of law and shall be adopted by the hartsville/trousdale county commission only upon consideration and approval on two (2) separate readings.  
Ordinances pertaining to an amendment of the Charter, taxation, establishment or expansion of any services district, and allocation of services among the services districts, shall be adopted by the Commission only upon consideration or approval on three (3) separate readings.

The Hartsville/Trousdale County Commission at its pleasure may adopt resolutions, lacking the force of law (except as otherwise herein provided), to express its intent in the adoption of prior ordinances and to express its seentiments on matters of interest.

reference Hartsville/Trousdale Charter Article 2 Section 2.05
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Ordinances23 documents

  • ORD 193-2020-08
    document Header ORD 193-2020-08
    Codes Ordinance:Buffer Strips for Commercial/Industrial Lots next to Residential
  • ORD 192-2020-07
    document Header ORD 192-2020-07
    Rezoning: C2 to R1 Hilltop Drive
  • ORD 191-2020-06
    document Header ORD 191-2020-06
    Rezoning: A1 to R1 Harris Branch
  • ORD 190-2020-05
    document Header ORD 190-2020-05
    Rezoning a parcel on Hilltop Drive
  • ORD 189-2020-04
    document Header ORD 189-2020-04
    Rezoning lots at the corners of Mockingbird Lane and McMurry Blvd from C2 to R1
  • ORD 188-2020-03
    document Header ORD 188-2020-03
    Rezoning a parcel on Hwy 231 from A1 to R1
  • ORD 187-2020-02
    document Header ORD 187-2020-02
    Address Number Display for Emergency Services Use
  • ORD 186-2020-01
    document Header ORD 186-2020-01
    Water Utility Board Duties and Responsibilities
  • ORD 185-2019-15
    document Header ORD 185-2019-15
    Establish Charter Revision Commission w/ Appointments
  • ORD 184-2019-14
    document Header ORD 184-2019-14
    2020 Urban Services Appropriations
  • ORD 183-2019-13
    document Header ORD 183-2019-13
    2020 Urban Services Tax Levy
  • ORD 182-2019-12
    document Header ORD 182-2019-12
    2020 General Services Appropriations.  County Commission has designated the expenditures for each function of the government
  • ORD 181-2019-11
    document Header ORD 181-2019-11
    2020 General Services Tax Levy
  • ORD 180-2019-10
    document Header ORD 180-2019-10
    Rezoning: R1 to R2 (Gregory)
  • ORD 179-2019-09
    document Header ORD 179-2019-09
    Rezoning: A1 to R1 (Dixon Creek)
  • ORD 178-2019-08
    document Header ORD 178-2019-08
    Rezoning: C1 to R1 (White Oak)
  • ORD 177-2019-07
    document Header ORD 177-2019-07
    FAILED Reorganize Fire Dept EMS Rescue
  • ORD 176-2019-06
    document Header ORD 176-2019-06
    Rezoning: M1 to A1 (Windy Acres Ln)
  • ORD 175-2019-05
    document Header ORD 175-2019-05
    Rezoning: A1 to C1 (Hwy 231)
  • ORD 174-2019-04
    document Header ORD 174-2019-04
    Purchasing Policy Amendment addressing Second Hand Purchases
  • ORD 173-2019-03
    document Header ORD 173-2019-03
    Rezoning: R1 to R3 (Hays)
  • ORD 172-2019-02
    document Header ORD 172-2019-02
    FAILED Rezoning R1 to C2 (Hickory Ridge Lane)
  • ORD 171-2019-01
    document Header ORD 171-2019-01
    FAILED Rezoning A1 to R1 (SkilletCreek)

Resolutions34 documents

  • RES 2020-06-681
    document Header RES 2020-06-681
    Transfer of Industrial Park Parcel to Industrial Development Board.  Includes original 2004 Resolution.
  • RES 2020-05-680
    document Header RES 2020-05-680
    Support Resolution of No Consent of Refugee Resettlement
  • RES 2020-04-679
    document Header RES 2020-04-679
    Adopting PC1080 Amended TCA (s) 5-9-402 County Budget Law
  • RES 2020-03-678
    document Header RES 2020-03-678
    Commission Rules of Procedure
  • RES 2020-02-677
    document Header RES 2020-02-677
    Transfer of Vehicle from Highway Dept to Public Works
  • RES 2020-01-676
    document Header RES 2020-01-676
    Application for TECD TN Downtowns Program
  • RES 2019-28-675
    document Header RES 2019-28-675
    Approval of ADA Transition Plan
  • RES 2019-27-674
    document Header RES 2019-27-674
    Rental Contract Authorization with Mid Cumberland Community Action Agency
  • RES 2019-26-673
    document Header RES 2019-26-673
    Committee Appointments for 2019-20
  • RES 2019-25-672
    document Header RES 2019-25-672
    Supporting Tri-County's the third application of the Broadband Grant
  • RES 2019-24-671
    document Header RES 2019-24-671
    Adding signing authority to the Commission Pro Tempore in the absence of the Mayor and Commission Chairman
  • RES 2019-23-670
    document Header RES 2019-23-670
    Adopting the County Hazard Mitigation Plan
  • RES 2019-22-669
    document Header RES 2019-22-669
    Student Representative for the 2019-20 School Year
  • RES 2019-21-668
    document Header RES 2019-21-668
    Commission support of TDOC to complete the 141N project
  • RES 2019-20-667
    document Header RES 2019-20-667
    Surplus Vehicles of the Sheriff dept
  • RES 2019-19-666
    document Header RES 2019-19-666
    Awarding Streetscape Construction bid to Sessions Paving
  • RES 2019-18-665
    document Header RES 2019-18-665
    Development of Census Complete Count Committee
  • RES 2019-17-664
    document Header RES 2019-17-664
    FY2020 Appropriations to Non Profit Charitable Organizations
  • RES 2019-16-663
    document Header RES 2019-16-663
    Resolution to continue lease agreements into FY2020
  • RES 2019-15-662
    document Header RES 2019-15-662
    Resolution to continue the FY2019 Budget until a FY2020 Budget is set by Commission.
  • RES 2019-14-661
    document Header RES 2019-14-661
    Development of the Resale of Land Committee
  • RES 2019-13-660
    document Header RES 2019-13-660
    Resolution to apply and receive funding for the 2019 Built Environment Grant.  This grant will be used to create a master plan for the Trey Park Complex
  • RES 2019-12-659
    document Header RES 2019-12-659
  • RES 2019-11-658
    document Header RES 2019-11-658
    HTC to begin offering American Fideltiy Supplemental Insurance as part of the Employee Benefit pagacke
  • RES 2019-10-657
    document Header RES 2019-10-657
    Authorizing application for the TDOT Litter Grant
  • RES 2019-09-656
    document Header RES 2019-09-656
    Resolution approving application to TDEC for the funds Old Closed Landfill Grant.
  • RES 2019-08-655
    document Header RES 2019-08-655
    Authorization to join the purchasing cooperative HGACBuy
  • RES 2019-07-654
    document Header RES 2019-07-654
    Resolution to raise the threshold of items to report as Capital Assets pertaining to GASB 34
  • RES 2019-06-653
    document Header RES 2019-06-653
    Agreement of the Commission and Board of Education to share the expenses of the School Resource Officers
  • RES 2019-05-652
    document Header RES 2019-05-652
    Listing of2019 County Roads that are maintained by the Highway Department
  • RES 2019-04-651
    document Header RES 2019-04-651
    Naming Slagle Lane per 911 Board/Emergency Communications Board
  • RES 2019-03-650
    document Header RES 2019-03-650
    Naming Bryson Lane per 911 Board/Emergency Communications Board
  • RES 2019-02-649
    document Header RES 2019-02-649
    CDBG 2019 Grant Application Authorization
  • RES 2019-01-648
    document Header RES 2019-01-648
    Vehicle Surplus for EMA, EMS, Sheriff Dept