The Hartsville/Trousdale County Government is one of only three metropolitan governments in Tennessee, having combined the governments of the Town of Hartsville and Trousdale County on January 1, 2001. As a result, Hartsville/Trousdale County is served by one Mayor and one legislative body, the County Commission. The Commission is made up of twenty commissioners, one from each of the county's ten districts. The Mayor and Commissioners each serve a term of four years. Elections are held in August to coincide with the state and federal primaries, with terms of office commencing on the following September 1st.

Hartsville/Trousdale CharterEnacted January 1, 2001

§ 1.01 - Consolidation: The governmental and corporate functions now vested in the Town of Hartsville, Tennessee, are consolidated with the governmental and corporate functions of Trousdale County, Tennessee. A single government is hereby created which replaces and supersedes the governments of the Town of Hartsville and of Trousdale County. The name of the new Consolidated Government shall be The Hartsville/Trousdale County Government.
§ 1.03 - Powers Given the Metropolitan Government: Except as otherwise provided by this Charter, the Metropolitan Government shall have all the powers granted cities, counties, and metropolitan governments under the Constitution and general laws of the State of Tennessee. These powers shall be construed broadly and the omission of specific powers in this Charter shall not be construed as limiting the general powers of the Hartsville/Trousdale County Government. The Hartsville/Trousdale County Government shall be a public corporation, with perpetual succession, capable of suing and being sued to the same extent as other metropolitan governments, and capable of purchasing, receiving, and holding property, real and personal, and of selling, leasing, or disposing of the same to the same extent as other governmental entities.