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County Justice CenterCounty Justice Center
303 E Main Street
Hartsville, TN 37074

Beginning Monday, July 13, 2020 - Face Masks will be required to enter the County Justice Center. 
Please see the Order Regarding Face Coverings from the Supreme Court of Tennessee for more information.

Letter from Judge Linville Concerning Court Dates for March 20, 2020 and March 27, 2020

The Hartsville/Trousdale County Court of General Sessions has both civil and criminal jurisdiction. It has the authority to hear civil matters includes cases under $25,000 for property damage, warrants to recover property, detainers, and past due account. In criminal matters, the court may set bail, try misdemeanor cases, and hold preliminary hearings. The General Sessions Judge is an elected position, with a term of eight years.

The Hartsville/Trousdale County Juvenile Court is a division of the General Sessions Court and hears dependency and neglect, custody, delinquency (criminal) and truancy among others.

The Hartsville/Trousdale County Circuit Court has jurisdiction over civil  matters including, cases over $25,000 in property damages or personal injury, divorces, child support, adoptions and judicial commitments. The Judges of the Circuit Court are elected to terms of eight years.

The Hartsville/Trousdale County Criminal Court hears misdemeanor cases as well as felony cases (DUI, murder, rape, robbery, etc.). The Judge of the Criminal Court is elected to a term of eight years.

The Circuit Court Clerk is the Clerk of the General Sessions, Juvenile, Circuit and Criminal Courts.

The Hartsville/Trousdale County Chancery Court is a civil court that hears matters such as divorce, child custody, guardianships, will contests, and contract disputes. The Chancellor is elected and serves a term of eight years. The Clerk and Master is the Clerk for the Chancery Court.

All court hearings are held in the County Justice Center. For more information on the court system, please visit the Tennessee State Courts website.