County Clerk

Rita Crowder

County Clerk

328 Broadway, Room 2
Hartsville, TN 37074
Phone: (615)374-2906
Fax: (615)374-3948

Offfice Hours
Monday - Friday    8am - 4:15pm
               8am - 12pm
      *please call ahead to confirm Saturday hours

Tammy Gregory

Deputy Clerk

Callie White
Deputy Clerk


County Commission Minutes


The County Clerk is a constitutional officer and is elected by the people for a term of four years.  The specific work of the office is prescribed by the Legislature.  Duties of the office range from being secretary to the County Commission, taking and maintaining the official minutes which are available for public viewing, to conducting a great deal of the State’s taxation duties within the County.  The Clerk also serves as a member of the County Records Commission. The County Clerk processes Notary Applications, Beer Licenses, and offers on-line renewals.  Methods of payment are cash, check, or credit card.  Other duties relating to licenses including issuing vehicle registrations, boat registrations, marriage licenses, business licenses, as well as game and fish licenses.  In addition, numerous public records generated by other offices within the county are kept on file by the Clerk. 

Dealer Drive-Out EZ Tag
bannerLogoThe State of Tennessee has partnered with  Business Information Systems to develop a state-of-the-art program for issuing Dealer Drive-Out Tags. This new program was designed by the State to replace the current cardstock program. The goal of this program is to create an easy, automated system for Dealerships to print Drive-Out Tags on demand.

Dealerships will use a website to issue temporary tags instead of having to keep inventory of cardstock tags. The unique temporary tag is designed to print directly from a Laser Printer on State Approved Paper. Two important things print on this single piece of paper, the Temporary Tag and the buyer’s temporary registration.

Call EZ Tag Sales for more info at 1-866-800-6498 or email
Signup at

Bill of Sale - Watercraft

Specialty plates
We offer several specialty plates for an additional fee or contribution to the plate you request.  For more information visit TN Specialty Plates