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Our Mission
The mission of the Building, Codes, & Zoning office is to provide safe and secure housing by issuing permits and inspecting all new construction in Metro Hartsville/Trousdale County. We also provide staff support to the Trousdale County Regional Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals to facilitate the county's planning program that includes planning, zoning, and subdivision development.

The office provides an avenue for responding to concerns pertaining to livability and development in the county including the National Flood Insurance Program and the collection of the Adequate Facilities Privilege Tax and also as Codes Enforcement Officer, the enforcement of the adopted Zoning, Building, Health and Safety Standards.

The receipt of a business license does not automatically approve your location for a business activity. You must also be in Zoning Compliance and with other possible Local and State regulations.


(to go before County Commission)
20201028 BZA Public Hearings
Public Hearing Maps for October 28th BZA meeting

AGENDA ITEMS (Planning Commission)
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Forms6 documents

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  • Application for Home Occupation
    document Header Application for Home Occupation
    Application for home occupation
  • Building Permit Application
    document Header Building Permit Application
    Building Permit Application, will not be processed without payment
  • Building Permit Application Checklist
    document Header Building Permit Application Checklist
    This list will need to be submitted with the Building Permit Application
  • Property Maintenance Complaint Form
    document Header Property Maintenance Complaint Form
    Property Maintenance Complaint Form
  • Zoning Change Application
    document Header Zoning Change Application
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Documents5 documents

  • FEMA Evaluation Certificate 2015 Edition
    document Header FEMA Evaluation Certificate 2015 Edition
  • Hartsville Zoning Ordinance
    document Header Hartsville Zoning Ordinance
  • Hartsville-Trousdale Co. Subdivision Regulations
    document Header Hartsville-Trousdale Co. Subdivision Regulations
  • Trousdale County Zoning Map
    document Header Trousdale County Zoning Map
    updated April 6, 2020 by GNRC
  • Trousdale County Zoning Resolution
    document Header Trousdale County Zoning Resolution