Prison Relations Committee

The Prison Relations Committee was created in 2016 with the arrival of Trousdale Turner Correctional Center.  They are charged with reviewing documents and contracts between CoreCivic (CCA), TN Dept of Corrections and the Hartsville/Trousdale County Government.  They provide insight and review of reports, incidents, and operations related to Trousdale Turner Correction Facility. This Committee meets quarterly with the Warden.

 The Hartsville/Trousdale County Government has no juridiction over the prison.  Please contact the TN Department of Corrections for any complaints, pleadings, or inquiries on inmates.

Jerry Ford, Chairman 
Shane Burton, Vice Chair 
Mary Ann Baker, Secretary     
Beverly Atwood 
Ken Buckmaster 
Gary Claridy 
T. Bubba Gregory 
Dwight Jewell 
Rachel Jones 
David Nollner 
Gary Walsh 
Raymond Byrd, TTCC Warden 

Prison Relations Committee Meetings

03/11/21 Prison Relations Committee Agenda       Video      
10/15/20 Prison Relations Committee Agenda       Minutes      
06/18/20 Prison Relations Committee Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
01/09/20 Prison Relations Committee Minutes      
10/10/19 Prison Oversight Committee Minutes      
07/18/19 Prison Oversight Committee Minutes      
04/18/19 Prison Oversight Committee Minutes      
01/10/19 Prison Oversight Committee Minutes      
10/11/18 Prison Oversight Committee Minutes      
10/17/16 Prison Oversight Committee Minutes