Commission Committee Overview
Executive Committee:  Composed of the Committee Chairs.  Provides logistics on proposed legislation, resolutions, and ordinances by steering them to the proper committees.  (Monthly)

Audit:  Review of Policies, Audit Findings, and Department Internal Controls.  Reviews complaints or suspicions of fraudulent activity.  Presents recommendations to Commission. 

BuildingAdvises on the use of county buildings including maintenance and renovations.

Codes & Zoning Enforcement:
 Provide oversight and review of any issues relevant to codes and zoning and any related issues.  Make recommendations to the Mayor, Building Official/Inspector, Planning Commission, and County Commission. Review and help implement any proposed new Codes ordinances, or changes, or revisions. (As required)

Emergency Services:  Provide direction and oversight for needs and issues involving all emergency services: Ambulance Service, Fire Department, EMA/Rescue. Work with respective Directors to develop and implement policy and procedures. Develop a plan for future needs and expansion of services and service districts. (Monthly or as required)

Finance : Review and recommend all Hartsville/Trousdale County Government budgets, budget amendments, monitor revenues and expenditures of various departments, and other financial matters.  Charter requires that a five-person committee provide oversight to the purchases and expenditures of each department. Charter 4.07 // Ordinance 40-2007-02 (Monthly)

Law Enforcement: Provide oversight and input decisions for any law enforcement related issues involved in Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government. Coordinate efforts with the Sheriff, Judges, Court system, Clerks, Judicial Commissioners, officers, to maintain the peace and safety of citizens and employees of Hartsville/ Trousdale County. (As required)

Personnel:  Monitor, revise, and develop policy positions for the Hartsville/Trousdale Government Employee Handbook. Help mediate disputes between personnel and SupervisorsMonitor and provide oversight for the health insurance offered to Hartsville Trousdale County Government employees.  Solicit bids and screen applicants for health insurance plans when requested. Review all insurance and related benefits annually. 

Public Works: Provides oversight to the use of County Buildings including maintenance and renovations.  Provides direction and policies for the recreational facilities owned/operated by the County. Oversees maintenance, expansion of facilities, programs, and services of the Park complex.  Consults on solid waste operations including the Convenience Center, residential services, and recycling. (Monthly)

Previous Committees:

- Communications
- Economic Development
- Education
- Insurance (combined with Personnel)
- Parks & Recreation (now Public Works)
- Prison Relations
- Purchasing (now Finance)
- Solid Waste (now Public Works)