Board of Zoning Appeals

The BZA hears requests from property owners  for special exceptions to zoning regulations, assist in settling boundary line disputes, interpret zoning maps, and consider similar questions. Tennessee Code Annotated Title 13, Chapter 7, Part 1 (T.C.A. § 13-7-101 et seq.). The Board  only meets when a request is presented by a property owner or by called meeting from the Board Chairman.

Building, Inspection, and Zoning Office
Sam Edwards
328 Broadway, Rm 1
Hartsville, TN 37074

  • Dwight Jewell, Chair
  • Mark Harper, Vice Chair
  • Mark Presley, Secretary
  • Freddie Banks
  • Ron Moreland
Board of Zoning Appeals Meetings

10/28/20 Board of Zoning Appeals Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
07/13/20 Board of Zoning Appeals Agenda       Minutes