Fiscal Year Budgets & Audits

The Budget for Hartsville/Trousdale County runs the fiscal year of July 1 through June 30.  Our Budget is passed by the County Commission through an Ordinance as directed by the HTC Charter.  The Ordinance goes through 3 readings and a public hearing before being finalized and put into action.  After approval of the County Commission, the budget is then sent to the TN Comptroller's office for approval and acceptance.  

The Budget process begins in January when a notice is sent to all departments to gather information on the needs of their offices.  During the months of February - March, discussion is had between the Mayor, the Executive Administrative Assistant, and the Department Heads on what needs can be met in the coming fiscal year.  Once a set amount is determined, the full budget is sent to the Budget & Finance Committee to review.  The Committee will hold public hearings in April or May to amend or accept the budget as presented by the Mayor.  Once approved, the budget is then sent to the County Commission by Ordinance with three readings as directed by the HTC Charter.
HTCG Budgets

07/01/23 FY 2024 Budget Packet      
07/01/22 FY 2023 Budget Packet      
07/01/21 FY 2022 Budget Packet      
07/01/20 FY 2021 Budget Packet      
07/01/19 FY 2020 Budget Packet      
07/01/18 FY 2019 Budget Packet      
07/01/17 FY 2018 Budget Packet      
HTC Audits

06/30/23 FY 2023 Audit Packet      
06/30/22 FY 2022 Audit Packet      
06/30/21 FY 2021 Audit Packet      
06/30/20 FY 2020 Audit Packet      
06/30/19 FY 2019 Audit Packet