The Audit committee reviews all details of the CAFR to ensure that best practices are being followed for improved accountability and quality of services for Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government.  Review of Policies, Audit Findings, and Department Internal Controls.  Reviews complaints or suspicions of fraudulent activity.  Presents recommendations to Commission.   

Beverly Atwood, Chair
Amber Russell, Vice Chair
Mark Presley, Secretary
Jerry Ford
Judy Kerr

TN Comptroller Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR)
Audit Committee Minutes

10/24/23 Audit Committee
03/16/23 Audit Committee Agenda       Packet       Video      
11/01/22 Audit Committee Agenda       Minutes      
03/28/22 Audit Committee Agenda       Minutes       Video       More...
03/16/21 Audit Committee Agenda       Packet       Minutes       Video      
02/11/20 Audit Committee Agenda       Minutes      
01/14/19 Audit Committee Minutes      
10/15/18 Audit Committee Minutes      
10/17/17 Audit Committee Minutes      
04/05/17 Audit Committee Minutes