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Hartsville/Trousdale County Commission Committee Overview

Audit:  Review all details of the annual Comptrollers Audit to ensure that best practices are being followed for improved accountability and quality of services for Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government.

Budget & Finance: Review and recommend all Hartsville/Trousdale County Government budgets, budget amendments, other financial matters, and monitor revenues and expenditures of various departments

Charter Review: Review the Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government Charter and where needed, suggest any changes that might be necessary

Communication:  Provides oversight for social media, County website and domain.  Works to update information on the website such as: Departments, Elected Officials, County Commission, Official Minutes.  .

County Buildings | Codes & Zoning Enforcement:  Provide oversight to the use of all County buildings, including: repairs to buildings, clean-up, develop recommendations for building or land purchases and the sale of surplus property.  Work with Downtown Revitalization efforts. | Provide oversight related to for codes and zoning related issues.  Make recommendations to the Building Inspector and Planning Commission

Economic Development:  Discuss and address ways that Hartsville/Trousdale County can enhance the economic well being including: new small businesses development, jobs creation, improved climate for existing businesses,

Education Oversight:  Work together with representation from the Board of Education to communicate needs and activities of the school system.

Emergency Services & Planning:  Provide oversight for needs and issues involving all emergency services: Ambulance Service, Fire Department, EMA/Rescue.  This may be expanded to include issues related to Homeland Security.  Required by TEMA under SARA Title 3.  Should meet at least bi-annually to develop/review following: disaster plans, disaster drills, hazard mitigations, interoperability between entities and departments

Employee/Personnel:  Monitor, revise, and develop policy positions for the Hartsville/Trousdale Government Personnel Handbook.  These policies pertain to newly hired and current employees.

Executive Committee:  Serves to counsel and advise the Chairman and provide input on all matters of Commission activities

Insurance:  Monitor and provide oversight for the health insurance offered to Metropolitan Government employees.  Solicit bids for health insurance plans when requested 

Law Enforcement: Provide oversight and input decisions for any law enforcement related issues involved in Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government

Parks & Recreation:  Provide oversight for the recreational facilities owned and operated by the Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government for the public use

Prison Oversight: Review documents and contracts between CCA, TN Dept of Corrections and the Hartsville/Trousdale County Government.  Provide insight and decisions related to the operation of Trousdale Turner Correction Facility.

Professional Services Selection: Review qualifications, bid specifications, and make recommendations for selection of engineers, architects, construction firms and other vendors working for Hartsville/Trousdale County Government.

Purchasing Oversight:  Charter requires that this minimum five-person committee provide oversight as to the purchases and expenditures of each department. Charter 4.07

Solid Waste:  Provide oversight as to all solid waste operations in Hartsville/Trousdale County Metropolitan Government, including: convenience center operation, household urban garbage pickup, transfer of waste to nearby landfills

Urban Services Council:  Defined by Charter, as the three Commission members receiving the largest vote totals from Urban Districts.  This group will set the tax levy for the urban residents after the Urban Services budget has been passed by the Commission.  Charter 2.04