Ray Russell
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Sheriff's Department
Sheriff Ray Russell


Emergencies: 911

Trousdale County Jail
315 East Main St

Hartsville, TN 37074
Phone: (615)374-2114

Offender Custody Status: or or call 1-888-868-4631 and follow the instructions to information about the offender custody status  The purpose of the program is to increase the safety of victims of crime, law enforcement, criminal justice personnel and the general public by providing access to timely information concerning the custody status of offenders in county jails. Victims and other concerned citizens can register anonymously by telephone (1-888-868-4631) or register at the website to be notified in the event of an offender’s release, transfer or escape. The VINE system is provided by our sole source provider Appriss.  The TSA Staff and SAVIN Governing Council, which is comprised of sheriffs representing all regions of the state, have been working hard toward implementing and promoting this service to the public.

Hartsville/Trousdale Police Department
210 Broadway
Hartsville, TN 37074
Phone: (615)374-3994