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Books by Local Authors

Images of America, Hartsville and Trousdale County by John L. Oliver Jr. and the Trousdale County Historical Society - $16.99

1800 & 1900 Census Records for Trousdale County, TN by Betty Scott, published by Bet-Nel Books. TN Resident: $37.50 + sales tax $3.09 = $40.59. If mailed, add #3.25 postage = $43.84. Out of State: $37.50 + $3.25 postage = $40.75.

Green Grove Cemetary: A Family Record of Burials by Betty Scott. $29.95 each + $2.85 for postage and handling.

Trousdale County, Tennessee Obituaries, Articles and Scrap Book Clippings, August 1862 - December 1954 by Betty Scott. $39.50 + $3.83 sales tax + $3.35 postage and handling.

1910 and 1920 Trousdale County Tennessee Census by Betty Scott. $44.50 + $3.67 sales tax + $3.35 postage and handling.

Macon County, Tennessee Obituaries and Articles, Volume 1 by Betty Scott. $29.00 + $2.68 sales tax + $3.35 postage and handling.

Cemetaries of Trousdale County, TN with added genealogical data by Betty Scott and Nelwyn Cannon. $40.59.

The Trousdale County Courthouse: Facts, Fables & Suppositions by Walter Buckingham, Sr. $10.00.

Trousdale, A Constitutional County and Humor in Tennessee Justice by J.C. McMurtry. $5.00 each.

Fireflies in Winter by Jack McCall. $10.00.

Snowflakes in Summetime by Jack McCall. $15.00 for 1 copy, $25.00 for 2 copies, $10.00 each for 3 or more copies.

Daffodils in Autumn by Jack McCall. $15.00 for 1 copy, $25.00 for 2 copies, or 3 copies for $30.00. There is also a package deal available with all 3 books plus a CD for $35.00.

Trousdale County, Tennessee Obituaries & Articles, Volume 2, Through December 1958 by Betty Meadows Scott.

Hartsville Nuclear Plant 1973-2002, A Newspaper and Magazine Account of the Hartsville Nuclear Plant and Louisiana Energy Systems Compiled by Betty Meadows Scott. $24.50 + $3.50 postage and handling (if mailed). Ms. Scott has done 402 pages of information which she intends to present to libraries only.

Throp-Oakley Funeral Homes Records, 569 Pages - Full Name Index - 152 Years of Records by Betty Meadows Scott and Lorrainne Bronner. Send check or money order to: Ridge Runner Publications, 5700 Hwy 52W, Lafayette, TN 37083 or order online at (credit card required).

Taking Southern Trails Home by Quindy D. Robertson. $10.00. For more information, contact the Hartsville Chamber of Commerce.

Sumner County Tennessee Newspapers, Volume 3, Gallatin Examiner and Sumner County Tennessee, 1938-1944 by Betty Meadows Scott. $41.50 + $3.84 tax + $3.50 postage and handling for one book, $2.50 for each additional book.

Cemetaries of Trousdale County, TN Updates & Corrections by Betty Meadows Scott, published by Ridge Runner Publications. $24.99.